MTV Channels

MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited is the premier private television network in Sri Lanka. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual receiving and transmitting equipment, MTV’s signals are beamed, free-to-air across the country. The channels reach over 80% of the country’s geographical area, which translates into reaching over 85% of the TV households in Sri Lanka.
MTV Channel telecasts in the three main languages in Sri Lanka with separate channels for each of them. These are as follows:

TV1 – English (click for more information)
Sirasa TV – Sinhala(click for more information)
Shakthi TV – Tamil (click for more information)

MBC Networks

MBC Networks (Pvt) Ltd owns and operates five FM radio broadcasting channels in three languages. Its has revolutionized Sri Lanka’s broadcasting industry, catering to a large listener base and to a variety of tastes comprising contemporary music, drama, sports, current affairs and unbiased news reports and programs.

Sirasa FM: Sinhala (For more information)
Shakthi FM: Tamil (For more information)
Yes FM: English (For more information)
Y FM: Sinhala (For more information)
Legends 96.6: English (For more information)

News 1st

News 1st is Sri Lanka’s premiere news organization. News 1st, provides the latest, Unbiased, Balanced, Fearless reporting, in all 3 languages; Sinhala, English and Tamil at the same time from ONE Central location.
Our News is Live, on 3 TV Channels and 5 Radio Channels, 3 News Websites (Sinhala, English & Tamil Websites) and all social media platforms.
In the area of corporate social responsibility, News 1st initiated “Gammedda”. Bringing this concept into the 21st century, News 1st has re-invigorated the Village Council fora, by taking it to the masses, and strengthening the fundamentals of democracy by instilling the ideal that even the highest echelons of government are directly responsible to the people.
News 1st U-Reporter, Sports 1st, Youth 1st, Kids 1st, Biz 1st are all among the major brands under the News 1st umbrella.

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M Entertainments

M Entertainments distribute and market an assortment of titles from leading international labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music and Venus Records.M Entertainments was created to bring the music business in Sri Lanka. It plans to develop the local music industry through artist and repertoire management – thus creating a window of opportunity for the Sinhala music industry in global markets.

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Stein Studios is the heart of Sri Lanka’s premier shows, producing world-class commercials and providing an exciting venue for major events just 30 minutes from Colombo. The company employs both international and local experts in the field of television and film production that bring years of experience to the creative and technical teams.
The Stein team of producers, directors and production coordinators have won many awards for content in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

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Aquarius Ltd was incorporated as an audiovisual and communication resource for the TCMOL Group. It was the first company to embark in the field of audiovisual communications in Sri Lanka.
Today, apart from multi-projector, multi-screen presentations, Aquarius undertakes event management, creation of documentaries and advertising commercials, non-linear editing, 3D/2D animation, layering, titling and compositing.