Technology is a local classifieds website that was developed to facilitate and act as a platform for buying and selling needs of its users. The vision behind Sambole was to build a solid database to help the mass market, individuals and corporates to achieve business transformation and gain tremendous value for the products and services they offer as most local classifieds websites starts off as a free service but gradually converts to a revenue model by charging for listings.

In just over a year, Sambole with the backing of our 8 media channels has just become number 2 in terms of inventory, in a much cluttered classified website arena with at least a 100 active classified sites operating.

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KIKI is Sri Lanka’s first Total Entertainment service provider. KIKI has access to an archived library of 25 years of content and 90% of new content being exclusive and original, along with the largest local music library. Taking into account the uncertainty of the government’s digital TV policy, it will dominate as Sri Lanka’s answer to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify.

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The Bellboy mobile application is an efficient, open platform to find and book reliable service professionals from different service categories that provides an immediate response to customer inquiries with standardized service levels to ensure the best customer service and satisfaction. It is the only application of this nature which is backed up by a trusted large conglomerate.

Some of the key features we offer to all Bellboy users are a Service warranty, multiple online payment solutions, ability to get free estimates and a dedicated customer support service team to attend customer inquiries.

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COMPUTER SYSTEMS (Private) Limited

Computer Systems Limited (CSL) is one of the leading information technology companies in the Island. A pioneering ICT operation with experience spanning more than Four decades. Sri Lanka’s leading SAP partner, CSL was instrumental in achieving SAP’s ACE award in 2015.

CSL was incorporated in 1978 as a wholly owned subsidiary of The Maharaja Organisation Limited. Initially, it was formed solely for the purpose of servicing the then rapidly growing information processing requirements of the Group and its subsidiary companies.

In the 1980s, as the Group strategy of investing in core industries and of sharpening its focus on the service industry evolved, CSL expanded its charter to extend its services to various sectors of the economy. Here the Company exploited the extensive IT skills and the domain expertise that was built in-house to capture market share and build products that met the local industry requirements.

During the’90s CSL grew rapidly, becoming the local partner for many international blue chip’s such as IBM and ISV’s such as SSA and Midas-Kapiti International. Having established its solutions and brands, the Company focused predominantly on the vertical industry sectors of Trade and Manufacturing and Banking and Finance and went on to build an extensive customer base of reputed companies both locally and internationally, including several MNCs.

In 2005, with the industry being less dependant on Hardware and instead on solutions and services, CSL consolidated its position and decided to focus on SAP. For this they also partnered with companies such a Satyam to support its growing customer base. Today CSL has diversified into other industry sectors such as Telecommunications and Government.

The original objectives of CSL, being the support of the group’s Information technology requirements is now handled by a service unit under Group IT.

Sparks Innovation

Sparks Innovations (Pvt) Ltd. practice the art of Human Centered Designing. A concept adopted by global trademarks such as Apple, Samsung and Sony.
While ensuring the deployment of the most advanced tech available, the team at Sparks are geared up with the right skillsets in just the right amounts, to furnish your Branding, Designing, IT Solutions, Public Relations, Research, Media, Events and OOH requirements.

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