Kevilton Electrical Products (Private) Limited commenced operations of their new LED Lighting Plant

Kevilton Electrical Products Private Limited, which falls under the industrial Hub of the Capital Maharaja Group commenced operations of its first LED light bulb manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, all LED based products which were imported by Kevilton will now be manufactured at the newly established plant situated in Borupona road, Rathmalana. This manufacturing plant is incidentally the first and only factory which manufactures ceiling lights in Sri Lanka.

Joining the ceremonial opening of the factory, Mr. S.C.Weerasekara, Group Director of the Industrial Hub, Capital Maharaja Group commended Kevilton as a leading manufacturer of electrical products in the country, saying he considers this latest step as a mammoth leap forward in the industrial sphere of Sri Lanka. Speaking further, Mr. S.C. Weerasekara highlighted the importance of upholding the trust forged by the Capital Maharaja Group with Sri Lankan consumers through the delivery of seamless and high quality over the years, catering to the exact needs of the consumer.

Mr. Nalin Jayawardena, CEO of Kevilton Electrical Products Private Limited speaking at the event said, he believes the latest milestone reached by the company would greatly benefit them in providing timely responses to consumer needs in Sri Lanka adding that this was an objective reached as a result of the assiduous nature of their staff. Mr. Jayawardena also said he expects the launch of new production processes in Sri Lanka would provide a much larger contribution to the economy, thus it can be considered a victory for Kevilton Electrical Products Private Limited as a socially responsible company.

It is also noteworthy that for the first time in Sri Lanka, a 36-month (3 years) warranty period has been offered for Kevilton's new range of LED ceiling light products.

February 10, 2021

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