The Capital Maharaja Organisation, Founded in 1930 is a truly unique organisation that has become an integral part of the lives of all Sri Lankans. The History of our group can be found here.

Be it using your mobile phone, using electricity from the National Grid , having a cup of world famous Ceylon tea, providing children with the best nutrition (Anchor Milk), Using water or electricity for your daily needs. Even watching TV or listening to radio or getting unbiased factual news, we touch a part of all Sri Lankan lives.

In addition, our group has the single most comprehensive, CSR program in the country and is striving to improve the lives of everyone in every way we can.

Poised to take on Sri Lanka's future

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Group highlights

Sri Lanka's first total entertaintment provider
Sambole: Where Sri Lanka, Buys, Sells and shops
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Bellboy: a mobile marketplace for local services
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Fox Resorts: Explore some of the island’s best kept secrets with us
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