Paving the way for Sri Lanka's largest irrigation project

Our foray into infrastructure development started with the Mahaweli Project, an initiative that provided irrigation to almost one million acres of land adjacent to the Mahaweli river. TMO Projects played a key role in making this happen.

Finding creative solutions

In 1977, President J. R. Jayewardena had just come into power and resolved to accelerate the construction of the Mahaweli Project. The project had been in the pipelines since the early 70s, with a three-phase development plan, over a 30 year time period. However, the new plan required the project to be completed in five years - the Accelerated Mahaweli Programme. CMG came on board at this stage, taking a lead in procuring the necessary international loans and construction of two of the dams. We helped facilitate bilateral deals between the Sri Lankan Government and the UK, USA, Germany, Sweden and Japan to source the required funding.

Thirty year project completed in just seven years

The project was eventually completed in seven short years, successfully irrigating close to one million acres of land in the Mahaweli Basin. Consisting of 12 sub projects including the Kotmale, Victoria, Maduru Oya, Rantambe and Randenigala dams and irrigation development around the Minipe anicut, the Right Bank Trans Basin Canal and the Ulhitiya and Ratkinda Reservoirs. The seven dams (including the previously completed Bowatenne and Polgolla) generate approximately 470 MW of power for the National Grid. It remains Sri Lanka’s largest development project to date and TMO Projects’ catalytic role in this achievement is one of CMG’s key milestones.

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