Revolutionizing the local dairy market with New Zealand Dairy Board

In the 1980s, CMG partnered with the New Zealand Dairy Board (Fonterra) and introduced Anchor milk powder to the market. Together with the New Zealand Dairy Board, we managed to completely reinvent the dairy consumption within the local market.

Introducing Anchor to the Sri Lankan consumer

It started with CMG importing and distributing Anchor milk powder for the Sri Lankan market. Anchor grew rapidly in the market, and we soon saw the need to start manufacturing here. The first milk powder factory in Sri Lanka started production soon after. We then created a second brand, Raththi and that too was received with resounding success. Anchor and Raththi went on to become the first and second ranked powdered milk brands in the island. We then branched out into other dairy products including yogurt and liquid milk. To date, Anchor is Sri Lanka’s largest FMCG brand.

Culminating a prolific partnership

Anchor went on to become the largest branded milk powder business for the New Zealand Dairy Board. At their request, we divested our control and holding in the partnership back to NZDB. Today, Anchor continues to have a strong presence in the local market, producing over 475,000 packs of milk powder daily and processing 40,000 liters of local milk (collected from 4,000 Sri Lankan farmers) into various dairy products. While Fonterra no longer falls under the CMG umbrella, we continue to grow with the brand - providing logistics ranging from freight to packaging via our many subsidiaries.

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