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As one of the early SAP partners in the island, we've always had a strong footing in the technology sector. In the last decade, we've also grown our tech capabilities to find new and innovative ways to use technology in daily life. Expanding into new ways for Sri Lankans to consume technology, both within the corporate sector for businesses and for everyday use in homes across the island. The four tech companies under CMG are home to - a one stop online shop; Bellboy, the first and only app to connect users and service providers such as plumbers and repairmen for the household sector; Kiki - Sri Lanka's premier music and video consumption platform and CSL - an enterprise software solution provider.

Computer Systems (CSL)

Digital transformation through innovation

CSL was first formed to manage the IT requirements of CMG in 1978. However, it soon became apparent that the company had the potential to reach greater heights with the burgeoning of computer tech. In the last four decades the company has solidified its position as a key player in the IT sector, becoming the preferred local partner for tech giants such as IBM, SSA and Midas Kapiti International. In 2005, CSL expanded from offering just hardware solutions to enterprise software solutions and is the largest SAP partner in Sri Lanka. Evolving further the company has now diversified its portfolio into telecommunications and government ICT as well.

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Urban Lifestyle Services

Connecting professionals for household needs

Bellboy is your one stop shop to find help with all your household needs. It's an end-to-end service solution for both service providers and customers. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical, painting, repairing broken washing machines or AC units, pest control or gardening. The app hosts a multitude of dedicated service providers who can be contacted with ease via the app. It also offers easy to use features such as real time bookings, responses and status updates, making it a rapid solution for any household problem. While also connecting small time service providers with a steady base of customers.

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Shop anytime. Anywhere.

Monocron is home to - a buying and selling eCommerce site. It has an easy-to-use virtual interface to connect small, medium and large corporate sellers with buyers from around the island. They offer a diverse array of products varying from cars to properties to home furnishings and consumer goods. Users can also search for services such as transportation, construction, janitorial staff, printing and translating. is free for sellers and offers affordable transaction rates for business optimisation and channel development, combined with value additions such as payment gateways and delivery options. It is a seamless buying and selling experience where consumers can connect anytime, from anywhere.

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Mobile Visions Lanka

Sri Lanka's first total entertainment solution provider

Mobile Visions Lanka is home to Kiki - Sri Lanka’s premium music and video streaming platform. The way the world consumes information and entertainment is constantly changing and audiences now want it on demand. Kiki puts us, right at the cutting edge. As pioneers in the media industry, a subscription based entertainment consumption service was the next obvious step for CMG. Kiki has been carefully curated with HD programming and exclusive on-demand content, at truly affordable subscription packages. Enabling users access to an 8000 large song library anytime and anywhere they want to watch or listen.

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