Capital Maharaja Group

Since opening it's doors nine decades ago, CMG has become an integral thread in the fabric of Sri Lankan life. Our numerous partners and subsidiaries supply a diverse array of products and services ranging from PVC piping to Ceylon Tea. Our media arm, the nation's first total entertainment solution provider touches the lives of everyone in our island nation. Gammadda, our CSR programme, is unique in being the most comprehensive initiative of its kind.

90 years of innovation

In 1930 two best friends, Subramaniam Mahadevan and Sinnathamby Rajandram formed this tenacious partnership. With advent of World War II in 1939, the American owners of L D Seymore and Dodge & Seymore left the country paving the way for Sri Lanka's first ever management buyout, resulting in the two friends becoming sole owners. This audacious attitude has come to define the driving force behind CMG's rise to success.

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The beginning of Capital Maharaja Group

Changing the corporate landscape

With multiple subsidiaries varying from tea to technology, CMG has succeeded in firmly establishing its place as one of the leading players in the country. Whether it was pioneering PVC pipes with S-lon, revolutionizing communications with Dialog, setting up the country’s biggest FMCG brand – Anchor, or changing how news is consumed with News1st, we have managed to flourish across our diverse portfolio of companies. Today we are the largest privately held company in the nation, geared for even greater success in the future.

Reaching out to all Sri Lankans

Whether its delivering infotainment to over 85 percent of Sri Lankan homes through TV, radio and digital channels; holding a 75% market share with Eva; being the largest local manufacturer for plastic packaging; or dominating the market’s water solutions, CMG has successfully reached the farthest corners of the island over the last nine decades. We are continuing to expand - finding new ways to serve.

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Providing a helping hand

Giving back to our community is one of our top priorities. Coming to the aid of Lankans in need during crisis, Sahana Yathra has helped hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankans over the last two decades. Meanwhile Gammadda is the largest philanthropic movement in the country to-date and has been acclaimed for its magnanimity and reach. These movements have changed how CSR works not just within the corporate sector but in the entire country.

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Leading into the next 90 years

Our goal for the next 90 years is simple. We want to bring more innovative brands to the local market; create more jobs for Sri Lankans; establish new manufacturing plants and factories; hone the next generation of corporate leaders; add to Sri Lanka’s infrastructure development; and expand our CSR impact. To forge ahead on the course set about by our founders - with the audacity to dream big and the courage to be different.

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