Capital Maharaja continues expansion streak with the appointment of three CEOs

Capital Maharaja continues expansion streak with the appointment of three CEOs

In a contracting economy, when the country’s leading organisations are consolidating rather than making ambitious expansions, true to the ethos that the Capital Maharaja Group (CMG) has become renowned for, expansion measures are being put in place under the stewardship of the Group’s Chairman, Sashi Rajamahendran. Looking to the next decade, three of CMG’s companies have been entrusted to three industry leaders with proven track records of excellence.

Suneth Kudaliyanage has been appointed CEO of Fox Resorts and Fox Vacations, the leisure arm of CMG, whilst Chandima Athukorala takes over Harcros Chemicals (HCPL), and M Chems, the agrarian sector of CMG, and Ramesh Sonaimuthu will provide leadership to M Entertainments in the Digital Rights Management sphere.

Sunil Kanojia, Group Director/Chief Executive Officer weighing in on this decision says, “I don’t think CMG is a Group like any other in Sri Lanka. We have always been unconventional and bold in our decisions and agile in executing them. Acting now in difficult times means, we will be prepared for the better times when they come.”

Suneth, a veteran in the hospitality industry, is fondly known to be an approachable, self-motivated, and adaptable individual with excellent people management skills. He says, “I don’t simply believe in ‘luck‘. Hard work, commitment and dedication are what makes me stand apart from the rest. I strongly believe in integrity, as it says lot about me as a person. Helping a person in any way possible is my motto”.

Fox Resorts has already built a name for itself as a renowned brand during a short period of time. Suneth says he would like to take this brand to greater heights worldwide, while growing the portfolio of properties in the near future, increasing employee satisfaction and building a hospitality powerhouse in Sri Lanka.

Chandima Athukorala is well aware of how the agriculture industry suffered owing to short-sighted policy measures over the last few years. But he remains unfazed and ready to take on the arduous challenge of supporting the rebuilding of the country’s agricultural economy. He brings to the table decades of experience and is known to be a perfectionist. He says, “I seek accuracy in my work. Therefore, I’m ready to check and amend plans many times over before execution”. He also adds, “I’m always open to receive advice and criticism, be it from a superior officer, a colleague, or junior”.

Detailing his vision for the company, Chandima envisages creating a future for HCPL by adding viable business verticals like seeds, smart agriculture, and urban agriculture projects, which will complement and supplement the existing product range, while maintaining the Group’s business identity.

Meanwhile, Ramesh Sonaimuthu, who brings a wealth of experience from the Indian subcontinental market, takes on steering E Entertainments in a country where scant regard is given to Intellectual Property Rights which are largely flouted with impunity by even major players.

Ramesh envisions Maharaja Entertainment to be a global leader in Sinhalese and Tamil Music and believes that it could become a powerful platform for artistes and creator communities to utilise in order to build successful careers. He seeks to guide the organisation in its mission to be a creative partner which will always promote and support the creative talent of Sri Lanka.

January 10, 2023

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